Xie Wen legal standards and de facto standards —- eight talk about big data Era

apple and Samsung patent war with apple Samsung preliminary results, victory, defeat. Like the World Cup qualifiers, the war is a double field system, playing in South Korea, in the United States to play a game to avoid home court advantage. In South Korea into the 3:3, the court sentenced both sides of infringement, apple net compensation but tens of thousands of dollars. In the United States into 7:0, Samsung to pay Apple $more than 1 billion. Samsung has vowed to appeal, but licked, entangled down may lose more. South Korean court symbolically in the country banned the apple obsolete several types of products, apple is likely to be asked in the popular products in the United States ban samsung. Taking into account the size of the asymmetric market, Samsung had better seek reconciliation. South Korea’s strong nationalism, often about the political situation, the fight to get such a result, people can not help but admire the United States, the overall strength of soft power.

this war from far beyond Apple Samsung companies, strategic pattern will deeply influence the entire Internet industry. If the Chinese ancient gezonglianheng story metaphor, so apple is taking the horizontal path, with hard and soft power superior and the world’s first company to other companies, forced industry. Most of the company led by Google and play the trick, try to form industry alliance through the Android operating system open, in order to win, Apple will be frozen in the high-end market niche range. Apple chose the Android industrial alliance leader Samsung beat meal, although it is not possible to fundamentally hurt Android alliance, but can delay its development, while Microsoft may benefit from expanding market share, and ultimately the formation of the Three Kingdoms, striving to become the three world situation well-matched in strength.

is based on the legal basis for the closure of intellectual property patents to fight the world, or open intellectual property rights to the market share of the fact that the standards of the world, which is the essence of the war. In the early days of Microsoft’s PC operating system in a paid open strategy to defeat apple, whether it will repeat the history is still hard to say. Whether Apple can continue to maintain the comprehensive advantages of hardware and software, the flames burned to the TV camera and the two pending the development of the network terminal market, and significantly reduce the price when necessary; Android alliance will continue to maintain in the low-end user market advantage, rely on numerous launched a variety of products; Microsoft could take into account two, the operating system and the promotion of ecosystem services at a lower price; everything will be seen in two or three years.

although the form is different, the legal standard or the fact that the standard will continue to continue to the big data era. Due to the direct broad fundamental public interest, government intervention makes the era of big data standard for more complicated and unpredictable. According to the just last year and the establishment of the open government Alliance for more than more than and 40 countries joined the rules, all participants must ensure compliance with their fiscal transparency, freedom of information, public property and citizens to participate in the four basic principles. All data obtained from the use of public finance shall, except those involving national security, be subject to the following criteria