There are pictures and the truth, the National Post appreciation and criticism

in every major holiday, keen Internet will have a unique way to commemorate the most, I want to be is web design or logo station!

2009, the 60 anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China coincides with some time, from October 1st, this does not, the Internet had been eager to be eager for a fight, the big events do fine enough! Portal since Needless to say, skill of looking after the house a match, other sites are also from the design to the content not resigned to playing second fiddle, are ready to fight!

well, nonsense not say, to get a map with the truth, everyone together to enjoy the national day to design various websites!

portal: 4 portal led by Sina, just on the Tencent, with red and golden tones and collocation, with hyperlinks to the home page of the national day, the typical door apartment layout practices! There is also a number of NetEase, not strong festive colors give people the feeling of do things carelessly!

: Baidu search and Google without exception must be made in logo to show they have great originality, but not to the time, oh, you look! Mall article: the home page careful friends certainly noticed, the door behind how also with a Taobao? I also wonder why Taobao has also done a business unrelated to their own news topics ( From the political news to the military news National Day parade have reported, just put in the bottom of a space is the National Day promotions, perhaps this is what it really meant it, ulterior motives? While Baidu has ah is the bright younger generation in logo do reflect a small, like the Baidu home page, logo personality!

features Forums:  kiyu home Grand and magnificent, elegant and dignified, as the acme of perfection! Good!