Know almost utopian dream distorted position can make the realization of knowledge

has recently made almost two big news, and these two events are basically at the product level exploration. The first is the April Fool’s day on the line to pay reading products value almost second in May to know about the salt Club event announced the launch of real-time Q & A products, know almost Live".


two events and products together, quite interesting. Because the Chinese pay reading atmosphere is not strong, in this environment, we know that such a high quality of knowledge communities want to break this law, does reflect a bit arrogant stubborn". Can also give people a bit of anticipation, known as the accumulation of the most elite community, there are always "distortion field", there are unique values and adhere to, hope to be able to "stand" knowledge is realized, which is from the recent "knowledge realization of utopia".

from the product architecture to see almost Live logic

for the author, the most important thing is to know about Live. Because of such a community + community model, it is easier to create an atmosphere of knowledge discussion.

know almost Live product architecture is very interesting. The master can create a Live that will appear in the information flow of the user. Users click on and pay the fare (by the master set, usually 9.9 yuan – $499), you can enter into the communication group, the master and other users will begin to ask questions in the group communication.

value of the end result is worth it, but know that the end result of Live is the community atmosphere and discussion mode, pay more attention to the user’s sense of participation. In fact, this and know almost every subject, a full discussion of the community atmosphere is the same.

to know almost Live on the topic of entrepreneurship in the answer to share as an example of Li Kaifu. Priced 499 yuan just opened a ticket for sale and empty, on the day of earnings of $100 thousand 200. A lot of users into the group is not for entertainment, but in order to be able to communicate with the business mentor Li Kaifu in-depth communication, in order to enhance their understanding of the level of vision and vision.

in such a product architecture, on the one hand, the sharing of knowledge and experience can be given certain benefits, on the other hand, willing to pay users will have the opportunity to fully participate in the discussion. And do not know about the early spontaneous study is to discuss the atmosphere, pay into the group this model can also be a small threshold, so that the internal knowledge of the atmosphere to be better maintained.

of course, know almost Live the core of the meaning is in fact able to really let the knowledge sharing through their own professional quality, bring certain benefits. Today, red net live is so noisy, many red through simple singing and dancing can earn hundreds of thousands, the more knowledge sharing should be respected. It is through their own community atmosphere and professional security, so as to create opportunities for knowledge sharing.