Webmaster network daily broadcast marriage site was the bottleneck of Google fine search interface


1 Taobao client will be built micro Amoy: content appears like WeChat

at the end of April, the new Taobao client will be the built-in micro Amoy, Taobao wireless division vice president Bu Ying believes that micro Amoy will greatly change the business structure and product structure of Taobao mobile phone, from the traditional shopping channel, into business customers, maintaining customer marketing tools.

is still in beta stage micro Amoy, ordinary users can experience this product in the HTML5 mobile phone Taobao page, and micro Amoy officially launched, will become Taobao’s mobile phone sub channel, I network operators in the world got the beta version for the first time today, let us see as soon.

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2 Cai Wensheng beauty comeback: mobile phone Meitu Xiu Xiu chairman

is perhaps Lei Jun millet is too bright, low-key energy-saving because of Meitu Xiu Xiu’s mobile phone to the line of beauty.

, according to people close to Cai Wensheng revealed, well-known angel investors Cai Wensheng investment many mobile Internet companies in the leave three years, the most important of which is located in Xiamen Meitu Xiu Xiu. In the mobile phone MeituKiss project is put forward after the beauty, Cai Wensheng himself personally served as chairman of Meitu Xiu Xiu, the company founder Wu Xinhong as CEO.

"extension of the field of Cai Wensheng I am very optimistic about the mobile Internet, he attaches great importance to the MeituKiss project, often appear in Meitu Xiu Xiu’s headquarters, a meeting with the members of the project team, this is the first time Cai Wensheng personally involved in angel investment projects." The above said.

news: http://s.admin5.com/article/20130416/498335.shtml? 1366101912

3 marriage website collective encounter integrity bottleneck: the lack of industry rules

Shenzhen City People’s Procuratorate released data show that in 2012 the number of women cheated reached more than and 130 people, of which half of the victims originated in the network. I personally contact (deceived) the actual number is much more than this." Recently, the marriage and family lawyer Zhang Jing in China’s first marriage Industry Summit Forum to the first Financial Daily reporters revealed.

dating site Jiayuan listed on NASDAQ in the United States "and" If You Are The One and other intimate part after hot, Chinese online dating service market fast. But with the passage of time, dating sites exposed more and more drawbacks. One of the biggest problems is integrity.

recently, the Chaoyang District court accepted a lady