There are no grassroots web site portal

web portal is more promising than the grass, I have struggled in the development of network Weakness lends wings to rumours., stop the bubble and pragmatic, numerous Web2.0 concepts of website, more and more cannot withstand the pressure of reality.


network itself from the tradition, as well as the individual enterprises and state-owned enterprises, many enterprises and portal websites, depending on the process of concept and generous, relying on advertising or investment money, the huge cost of more than 80%, can not find the direction after the run out of money, investors in disgrace go, or rely on their money, leaving a pile of infamy escape.

took several websites as an example, the Wang Jipeng ifensi website, 30 people in the operation, investors spent 4 million, now taking 8 million. This about 10000000 squandered, leaving behind what traffic, the value of where the current ifensi’s monthly profit is 30 thousand, to get back the investment of $10 million, is estimated to be about 300 months, do not consider the future of investment and human resources.

bokee, 2 years after Fang Xingdong was also squandered in ballyhoo, 30 million, then left a little broth, add flow, together to get 10 million good, a net loss of 20 million.


MySee after 80 years of wit, media touted, spent 50 million, now the rest are scum estimated value of 200 thousand, a net loss of 50 million.

anyway, investors have money. So many examples of many, the portal and the enterprise is not pragmatic, is the promoter of the Internet bubble. They plan to spend hundreds of thousands, the same as their ads, a day can not point 10 IP position to sell a month of 5000. The enterprise culture itself pose as a person of high morals, elite network packaging. On the one hand, the waste of resources on the Internet, on the one hand, the waste of money investors, but also exacerbated the vicious circle of the network, because of their high cost, often to some network products increased a lot of costs. A Mobi domain name to 300, 50 is actually the cost, 30 is a domain name Chinese cost, to sell 100 a small business package plan, they can receive tens of thousands, the fact that the package plan, in the personal website can be free. Membership system, and so on, many of the charges, so that the network is no longer smooth.

personal website more pragmatic, they occupy the various channels for free, with information services, in many areas, personal website traffic has accounted for 80%, the fees charged to 10%, and the enterprise website traffic occupy less than 20% is charged 90% network cost.

personal website will be in 3 to 5 years after the full occupation of the network, as individual companies completely annexation of state-owned,

personal website is often low cost, more pragmatic, do traffic, do promotion, on the customer, is more responsible, more skilled.