Product station article writing practical skills station promotion (three)

has been introduced before the promotion of some of the skills of the product station, today we focus on the article from the perspective of the network rankings writing skills, because the product is to guide others to buy the station.

when users see this article, will ask where to buy this product, this is a successful soft wen. Want to do this effect is not easy, only to write, see more people’s articles.

a good title is half of the success of the soft, because the information on the network so much, the user is often the most concerned about the results of the search out of the title, followed by the description.

let’s look at the following example

which brand of point reading machine is good

point reading machine which brand is good

point reading machine what brand of good

on the three title is the long tail word search, general users buy consciousness is very large, then we should be how to choose the three title, or there is no way to achieve an article three words of


to you in more detail to see this article, I wrote a practical case in detail please see, the title "reading machine of what brand is good, the point reading machine which brand is good, then the other articles were more than three titles to anchor this article.

here to talk with you, love cooking conditions, how to realize the inside pages of the rankings, the inside pages kept by the chain and anchor chain to. In addition to the link is our writing skills, an article is also the original article, why some good rankings, some ranking is not good?

as the three title we have just talked about, how do we write in the article? The key words natural into the article, let the article can see many keywords figure, of course do not pile of words, repeated to the keyword density.

note: This article is not a product of soft Wen, but to share the product station promotion program, please do not refer to the novice.

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