First quarter financing Unicorn only 60% last year, the amount of financing flat


technology – Beijing morning news on April 11th, the first quarter of 2016, 35 valuation of more than $1 billion in "the unicorn" received a $12 billion 600 million investment in 36 pen financing. Although the total amount of financing in 2015 with the same period in the same period, but the number of financing is lower than the same period last year, 58 pen. This means that this year the scale of venture capital investment becomes bigger.

on the valuation of the investment object, the data are known to have 11 financing valuation increases, the 4 pen remained unchanged, only a decrease of 4 pens. The total valuation of these companies rose by nearly $26 billion.

added 11 Unicorn

Unicorn club is still welcoming new members, but the new Unicorn began to become less. In the first quarter of 2015, there were 23 Unicorn companies, the second quarter was 25, while the third and the fourth quarter were 15 and. To the first quarter of this year, this figure dropped to 11.

The following is the basic situation of Unicorn company


1.Dada: a mobile application focused on the last mile express service.

2.Skyscanner: the leading global travel search site, providing millions of airlines, hotels and car rental services in real-time online parity.

3.Shopclues: India’s first, is also the largest management market, the site visits more than 100 million monthly.

4.Anaplan: business platform to provide sales, operational and financial aspects of business plans.

5.Forescout Technologies: network security technology provider to help companies continue to track information security threats, mitigate threats and respond to hacker attacks.

6.Mindmac: spin off from a company in Swiss Confederation Institute of technology. In less than 3 years has become one of the top 10 medical companies in switzerland.

7.Africa Group Internet: Africa’s largest electricity supplier company Jumia’s parent company, is Africa’s first Unicorn company. from Dubai, the world’s electricity supplier platform for Arabia.

9.Mercari: Japan’s largest community based shopping app to help anyone quickly buy and sell goods at any location.

10.Garena: the leading end of the web and mobile terminal platform providers to help users online chat and play games.

11 rookie network: founded in 2013, the goal is to become a similar logistics infrastructure in China UPS.

three pen acquisition

in terms of acquisitions, Hudson’s Bay receives only $250 million price