Lu Songsong personal brand planning in 2015

the first day of 2015, the new year begins, be sure to give yourself a plan.

in the second half of 2014, ran a few places in the country, Chengdu, Boao, Putian, Guangzhou, Hefei, Wuhan, as well as large and small, many of the Internet conference. Running so many places, I realized how hard Guo Jijun is. Internet people to the line is a trend, I also found that: online chat ten times, it is better to meet a chat.

line to meet the benefits of the next line, the advantages of online cable, the latter half of the run of these places do make my pattern enlarged, get to know a lot of friends, found their own shortcomings and weaknesses.

details will not say, these pieces of information are sent to my QQ space, micro-blog, WeChat, see, feel, contact contact, receive more and more information, which is a common problem in the Internet, facing more opportunities, more is not a thing.

so the 2015 plan summed up eight words: look at the starry sky, down to earth.

brand matrix:

1, personal brand: Lu Yi, to build China’s first grassroots individual from the media brand.

personal brand positioning: gathering contacts, resource docking, small gathering.


went to Guangzhou for a few days, and there are 5 sets of people came to see me, engage in derivative, electricity, bidding, SEO, and I find these people between them and know each other, later some will further cooperation.

there was a man who said to me: they have the strength, and you have prestige.

Dawu: Although I have not strength, what didn’t get out of things, but "the three words" Lu Songsong, don’t try to work with people or some big and empty truth, oneself also influence others, I need to do is to put people together is good, let the subsequent cooperation to engage in their own good, only their own good.

for example, I’m not good at speaking in public. So, in 2015, I participated in, organized a small circle of gatherings. As a half months later, I organized a group of friends from the Internet and traditional industries to Huairou to ski this small gathering.

2, media properties brand: Lu’s blog

brand positioning: to further strengthen the media properties, strengthen China’s first independent blog media.

this is the foundation and core of all brands, and now I can say that this blog is not just a personal blog, but with the media properties of the site, the contents of the release should be responsible for the user.


this is the Lu Songsong blog and its subsidiary channel 7 of the current traffic statistics, the most