Web site planning for the enterprise website to do

a good site and site planning is inseparable from the site planning on the corporate website what role?

is a successful web site, is not how much money to burn, nor how many technical support, is not how much the market, but that the site meets the needs, whether to conform to the experience habits, meets the operation foundation. Why do so many websites on the net, always has been in a state of confusion and burn? It is because the site before the development and construction of the net, without a careful consideration and planning, in a hurry, do that here are problems where there are problems, the back of the day, always in the tinkering in.

professional website planning, can bring the following benefits for the enterprise:

1 days after

, to avoid rework, improve operational efficiency. Many websites investors themselves IT within the industry, but because of an investment in IT, find that some technicians, editing and marketing staff can be a web site operators to OK up, but when the staff arrived, developed, found, market expansion, why and because the technology is always in the modification site of the problem. The technician also always complain incessantly, because the boss is always a look today tomorrow with a look – this site, even if it is done, it can only be said to be semi lazishan engineering. Therefore, in order to avoid subsequent rework modify the site, in advance of the various aspects of the site detailed planning is very necessary.

2, avoid repeated burn, reduce operating costs. When a website construction, why always found no user? Then huadajiaqian promotion, did not retain users — that is because each link of the website, especially the user experience aspects of a problem, so after the website done, always found unable to retain users. Therefore, if you want to save the money to Baidu, to those who cheat group such as software, then reflect on the positioning of the site itself, to a new planning is not late.

3, to avoid investment waste, improve the probability of success. Every man’s money was not easy to earn, don’t because of impulsive investment IT, this business is not what people can play. Before investing in a website, it is best to have a detailed plan, such as the investigation of the market, the profit model study on the positioning of the website a careful thinking only with professional thinking and planning, we can avoid the investor’s white burn, let their money burned valuable that burned is returned to


4, to avoid talking about the lesson, the successful operation of the right. When investors invest in a web site, that there is a technology, with the content, with the market staff on the OK, in fact, is not the case. Planning a web site, but not the specific things to plan a web site, more is to market positioning, planning a website profit pattern, operation mode, operation cost and so on important basic link. When an investor doesn’t know what to do