Search engine Google, MSN, Yahoo features comparison

        on the whole, Google has the largest database of search engines. Therefore, Google’s search results than the other engines more often. It tries to put the key words related to the page are presented to the searcher, a wide range, but the lack of precision. Because the Google database has many from the blog website, there are also many blogger search Google, so Google attaches great importance to the blog web site index, the search results tend to contain more than other sites blog information.  


        Google are also reflected in: it will search a lot of file formats, such as PDF,   PS,   doc,   XLS,   PPT,   RTF, another important search engine AllTheWeb index PDF,   swf  &   doc file. But in a single file format, the number of files it searches is often less than that of other search engines.  


        compared with Google, the MSN database is much smaller, with only more than 1 billion index files. Its search results mainly from Inktomi, but also has its own data, compared to focus on commercial sites, shopping oriented. MSN search focuses on the site rather than focusing on the web page like Google, which generally only indexes 3 to 4 pages on the site, some of the important sites will be more index, anonymous sites less. This is for those who are looking for a web site rather than the specific content of the page text search, it is worth considering.  


        Yahoo data are currently available from Google, but the results of the two searches are still different. Yahoo! Google is more likely to show a wider web page. In addition, Yahoo news search is especially good.  


        each of the major search engines have advantages, the search should take full advantage of these features, multiple search, in order to get the best search results. (Hu Baojie)