Ten minutes to make your website more professional

for SOHO or small foreign trade companies want to do a good job in foreign trade website, thank you for your proposal is two words: imitation. Google.com (google.cn) soso peer website, see the ranking in front of the site is how to do, people in the front row, there is reason for it.

is an imitation of layout and overall style, the enterprise website, especially in foreign trade enterprises SOHO website, a large extent is your network spokesperson, website to give customers the impression, often represent your company’s image, so it is particularly important to air two words. Although you may be a SOHO, or a few people of small companies, the site must do like a multinational company, as many as possible to do a few language versions. Because all the customers, including ourselves, want to deal with their own is a regular, preferably a large company, so as to have more confidence to continue business.

two is the classification of imitation columns and products, generally leading state foreign trade website, is to do for a long time, and the more successful, so they must classification columns, and the product is deliberate, can learn from, or even copy, then this time plus some of their own special needs or creative.

three is an imitation of its function, some large foreign trade website, feature rich, such as a customer and let me GPS big boss, Tomtom.com, ye see what did not seem special, but you will find it carefully, this industry leading websites are really fine, the function seems simple, actually rich and practical, for SOHO or small company to do foreign trade website, need not copy, price is king.

four is to imitate its SEO search engine optimization settings, a lot of companies or SOHO do foreign trade web site did not take into account the impact of the site in the search engine rankings, which is often said in the industry SEO. SEO is the abbreviation of the English search EngineOptimization, which means the search engine optimization. For example, we search for some of the clothing chemical raw materials in the google.yahoo information often search Alibaba, which is optimized to do a good result. According to my many years of experience in foreign trade website, the META and TITLE tags on the web page for the search engine included and ranking plays a vital role. Many domestic enterprises are using the website template, META and TITLE tags are one or two words, or no META tag, so how could achieve good rankings? Of course, Guan Jian is also not too much or too repetitive, optimization too will be search engine that is cheating. When you don’t know how to set up, how to choose those keywords, to imitate it. Open their home page source file, the keywords and description, copy over, remember to change the company name, huh.