Baidu Baidu network fake sword 3.15.

careful webmaster will find that Baidu search box below a line of blue print: network fake Baidu, Baidu finally shot sword. The anti-counterfeiting campaign basically contains some illegal websites of conventional industry. These illegal websites covering medicine, booking, finance, recharge, winning, online shopping, maintenance, logistics, courier and other eight areas. And carried out a comprehensive report as well as exposure measures, Baidu can see the clean-up efforts. The main contents below the Wuxi forum is about Baidu this sword detailing activities.

a list of eight high-risk areas of the Internet

TOP1 financial class, TOP2 recharge class, TOP3 medicine category, TOP4 online shopping category, TOP5 booking class, TOP6 aftermarket repair class, TOP7 logistics courier class, TOP8 winning class.

Baidu sunshine action, not only a detailed list of the daily life of some liar website commonly used deception tricks and means. Detailed to fangpian guide each sort of high-risk sites. Here is a useful information: Baidu invites the majority of college students to participate in the "Baidu special inspector recruitment plan", set the public force, in order to get more accurate and efficient reporting and exposure of false information network, for the purification of the entire network to contribute. Only college students. I think this is Baidu from the source to eliminate the current situation of the domestic Internet market disorder. This practice. Wuxi forum very much agree.


announced the open anti cheat database

Baidu sun action not only provides a reporting platform. The results of the real report, published and published. Once into the Baidu database. When users search, Baidu will make a warning from the site to prevent Internet users deceived. The process must be long, but the database is built up. Domestic Internet environment will become much more relaxed. Whether it is children’s Internet environment. Or adult. Will certainly achieve the effect of sunlight. It is also the main purpose of this Baidu sunshine action, look forward to Baidu’s insistence.

three, the specification of the major domestic certification mark

Baidu data platform has been on-line for a long time. 2013. Finally showed his ultimate purpose. Baidu really want to do the boss of the domestic internet. Start from the beginning of the layout. In fact, it has been in accordance with the regulations of the Baidu has to follow the prescribed order line in walking.

2013, China’s Internet market has been on the road of normalization. There are wood found. Now Baidu search time. The government website, well-known enterprises, customer service, customer service phone call, pharmaceutical industry professional qualification certification and certification mark has appeared in Baidu search results on Yes?! this is the expected result of Baidu sunshine action. Purify the domestic Internet market. Clean Internet browsing, rest assured that online shopping. 2013 Baidu has been in front of all search engines.

four, drug quality certification