Thinking and practice of personal website

personal website, limited to a variety of reasons, the real success is very rare. I think the reason is:

1 even a good website source code, very beautiful interface, if not old people is closely related to the content, or enterprise information of interest, but is also a beautiful shell. Even if your site collected a lot of other articles on the website information, don’t say you have the copyright problems, even if not, people will not understand this from your fame, the information he needs no comprehensive information on the website of

?Classified information website

2 weeks ago the webmaster has been busy, in fact to the webmaster can bring what benefit? Is actually a free meal to those who then posted on the website of junk information and keep attention to their website owners don’t give pollution, delete a spam, I really do not see the classified information website to the webmaster can have a development in the future. Garbage information website to bring us the flow, the actual number of benefits to the webmaster can give you a lot of useful information about the site visitors. This is a key to personal site.

3 now many personal websites with a lot of the information gathering station of hope, to create their own web site keywords flow, then under the flow on the basis of by netizens Click to create revenue, as Ali Mama advertising click. 0.4 yuan /1000 IP click, they charge high fees to advertisers. Halo, personal website has several 1000IP every day of the traffic, a few visitors will consider your site hard, help you click on your page advertisement? So I think Ali mother and website alliance are basically relying on owners of free labor to create their income. Now most of the webmaster who they flicker still don’t know, perhaps is not to create their own benefit of the webmaster helpless. Rely on the website click to keep alliance station personally feel is not to mention the development of Arabian Nights.

I personally feel that the personal information in yellow pages is a relatively good choice: there are certain sources of information for each of the 1 areas, do not need to spend a lot of time to do the collation of information, Internet users need access to 2 pages each, enterprises also hope that people can refer to his production of product information conveniently, so provide a good source for Adsense click, and charging channels. 3 now over because of Communication Department of places are basically not build more personnel than work available, on demand network. Even around the opening of the so-called 114 know-all number, the information provided is quite limited, 114 basic query can not meet the demand, the website can better satisfy the needs of this area, site can query demand units to provide the name, telephone, fax, e-mail, instant messaging, web site can also provide online communication the way, etc.. This is a good open space, waiting for everyone to reclaim.

hope it people, provide your views.