Some matters needing attention in the planning of network advertisement

Peng Xiaodong teacher believes that an advertising plan is often a variety of factors. In terms of entities, nothing more than advertising area, advertising objects, advertising product research, media information, web content.

The regional nature of

advertising refers to the extent to which the company intends to carry out advertising and how much coverage should be covered. The choice of advertising area to consider a variety of factors, the region is not the enterprise product marketing market, is not the existence of the demand for such products, there is no corresponding purchasing power and other factors is the first consideration. Generally speaking, an enterprise’s advertising plan is often with its marketing plan, marketing plan has regional. For example, national, urban, South market, the northern market, etc.. In this way, advertising planning will have a corresponding regional color, unless you want to open up new markets, advertising programs are always from the marketing plan. On the network advertising planning, in addition to the impact of the enterprise marketing plan, the popularity of the network itself is also a very strong regional factors, to implement online advertising, there is no network is unimaginable. The status of the network and the proportion of Internet users to consider the factors of network advertising is the specific aspects of regional factors. In the planning of the regional advertising network, but also take into account other factors related to the region, such as the religious and cultural characteristics of the site. Similar advertising awareness, recognition rate and similar products in the market share, buyers characteristics, purchase motivation, purchase psychology, the company in this region, the recognition of the enterprise recognition, can provide local sales, income and living conditions of local residents, potential competitors etc.. These factors are indirect factors related to the region, the network advertising planning, in the formulation of each specific planning details, we must not ignore these factors.

another entity factor is the advertising object. In network advertisement, the main audience is the Internet, but in addition to the indirect advertising object, such as the spread of Internet users can purchase behavior influence around some people, these people can be called the second objects, which will form third, fourth multilayer advertising object. Therefore, in the planning should not be limited to the object of advertising in the Internet users, of course, do a good job of planning the Internet is the first condition to win multiple objects.

Internet users as the object of advertising is the enterprise in the market to establish the target market, but also the potential customers of the product, it is the enterprise marketing factors, is the result of market segmentation. With a clear advertising object is network advertisement, and other advertising the first work, only to determine the advertising object, to make these people attract attention, give away their desire to buy, help to buy the behavior of targeted advertising. Advertising planners to find the exact advertising object is not easy, all Internet users are not necessarily advertising object, we should carefully study the market, after careful arrangement and meticulous division, to determine the basic object of advertising.

enterprises engaged in advertising, as well as advertising planners in the design of an ad, the accurate grasp of the object needs to seriously study the market. Market segmentation ability