How can a vending machine bring 50% profit per day for the brand

I dark horse: at present, in the United States, Chicago, Atlanta, New York and other six cities have a small cake ATM. Only in the machine before the credit card, you can buy a small all-weather 24 hours fresh cake, each priced at $4.25. Small cake ATM inside fresh fresh desserts are produced by California’s small cake maker Sprinkles.

Sprinkles Cup Cake America dessert brand sold to consumers by ATM, even in each vending machines to purchase 1000 Cup Cake case, Cupcake ATM has a total profit of Sprinkles has brought more than half of the contribution.

when the "sex and the city" actress Carrie in the streets of New York while eating Cup Cake side to talk to their friends, love, and "bankruptcy sisters" in Max and Caroline two bit poor Miss to operate their own Cup Cake shop for the dream, Cup Cake in these series appear, let the world all this began to yearn for a beautiful and elegant little cute.

in the United States, allow people to Cup Cake enthusiasm to upgrade again, than the local famous cake shop designed by Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. This design allows consumers to use more fresh ways to purchase the same fresh Cup Cake, the upgrading of the freshness has attracted more and more attention of consumers.


from Sprinkles Cup Cake vending machine, in addition to the lovely pink, it looks and ordinary ATM not what kind of two. However, in this new machine run 24 hours ago, you only need to click the screen, choose their own love the taste, then brush the credit card, with a hot Cup Cake will appear in front of you. Interestingly, this machine is designed for dog design Cup Cake, which solved with pets can not enter the store by the customer.

Cupcake ATM this creative idea from Sprinkles founder Candace Nelson. During the night, she suddenly wanted to eat a cup of cake, but at that time almost all the shops are closed, including her own Sprinkles. "Imagine, as the founder of Sprinkles, even I can’t eat at midnight to a Cup Cake, this is such a ridiculous thing." "I think there must be a way to get what I want," Nelson said. "Then I conceived the idea of cupcakes for 24 hours."

after more than a year of design and manufacture, Cupcake ATM finally come out. In the design process, Candace Nelson and her husband, in addition to considering the machine capacity for Cup Cake outside, more important is thinking about how to ensure the safety of the Cup Cake >