today announced the acquisition of red child or

"the dust settles, tomorrow is destined to shock the electricity supplier industry day, the industry is big, the consumer is a great event, is the event of" Yesterday, a micro-blog executive vice president of Li Bin from the industry speculation. A source close to to the express reporter said, announced the acquisition of a wholly-owned red child today, after the acquisition of will integrate with the red child. But the source did not disclose the specific details of the acquisition.

red child is the mother of the domestic well-known vertical class B2C electricity supplier, in 2008, the red child’s sales revenue was close to 1 billion yuan. 2009, in 2010 to further upgrade to 1 billion 500 million yuan. But in 2011, affected by the fierce price war, revenue affected. By 2012, it was the explosion of gross profit from positive to negative, a serious loss.

in fact,’s acquisition of red child rumors are not Weakness lends wings to rumours. Vice president of Suning Appliance Renjun was at the end of August Hony investment conference said that maternal and shoe will be first to break through the category, by the end of this year, can form a professional, scale in maternal general.

also recently, there are media reports that has entered the stage of financial audit redBaby takeover negotiations, responsible for the acquisition of Suning Appliance listed companies investment sector, and the acquisition of red child, the main value of maternal and child products supply chain management. After the acquisition, red children will be integrated into the platform.

for, the acquisition of red child can accelerate the "electrical" process. Some analysts said, because the red child is vertical electric field of maternal and child, complement each other and integrated portal positioning of, so after the merger, Suning can be assured to channel business platform to the maternal red child team operation; on the other hand, can also be gradually red children for many years accumulation of loyal users guide the flow and migration, the pursuit of 1+1> 2 scale benefit.