Zheng Xiao talk about investment Longshou network network reasons, the P new play method

last week, renowned director Zheng Xiaolong for the first time online wine market cum music life upgrade strategy conference stage, the business logic behind personally read their personal investment wine net net.

as everyone knows, film director Zheng Xiaolong in the cultural circle for decades, focus on creating super TV drama IP, and has introduced the "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "the phenomenon of" grade Mi months pass hot drama costume. Zheng Xiaolong is known for outstanding achievements in the field of drama Chinese fully deserve the gold medal director, but also for the industry as the Chinese TV drama godfather, their participation in the planning directed the film and television works caused great social repercussions and far-reaching significance in Chinese.

in May this year, Zheng Xiaolong for the first time out of the field of film and television drama, in the wine industry, with tens of millions of investment has become the network network star shareholders, to promote cross-border ecological IP panoramic operation is realized.

data show that music as its ecological wine enterprises network network officially listed on the new board in August 24th, is an important strategic layout of the field of living the Lazi letv.


(flower film director Zheng Xiaolong in the online wine online conference site)

personal secret star shareholders identity

director Zheng Xiaolong’s coming to the site network network conference atmosphere continue to take the heat, applause.

star shareholders Zheng Xiaolong told the truth that he is a love of drinking red wine "music staff". At present, Zheng Xiaolong was appointed as its music director is signing flowers television, with this opportunity, let Zheng Xiaolong depending on the major ecosystem, especially the network network business value has been gradually recognized.

It is reported that

, as the network network music as its ecological important ecological, constantly looking for IP and consumer point – IP is one of the ecological products. Last year, Zheng Xiaolong personally directed network network drama "big gold" Mi Mi months pass to create a wine, in just three months. 100 thousand sets of sales, opened the "IP+ wine" imagination. The phenomenon of star single product IP mode of operation are much concern.

industry analysts believe that in this ecological revolution era, in the trend of IP wave sweeping across the world, with the younger generation, the middle class become the main consumer, IP also in the way to promote the wine industry change. IP network network strategy to drive business value realized, will break the wine industry innovation barriers, promote the Chinese wine industry economy into the next growth cycle. With the deepening of the ecological cross-border, IP as the core of the layout of the consumer scene becomes possible. Network network conference officially announced the "upgrade life" strategy, marking the music as to the market consumption into the field.

"go out as cars, hand LETV mobile phone, go home and watch music TV, party drink wine net net Wine, sitting in the flowers television IP theme coffee scene weekend" Zheng Xiaolong sketched out a picture of life music environment.