1 shop insiders confirmed just, Liu Junling resignation

Phoenix Technology News July 14th news, shop No. 1 insiders today confirmed to Phoenix, WAL-MART executives yesterday held a meeting in the internal communication Shop No. 1, announced the chairman Yu Gang and CEO Liu Junling leave a message.

for some of the media reports, shop No. 1, vice president of Finance and HR vice president will be acting in Liu Junling’s position and just. Participate in yesterday’s meeting insiders said that the communication did not announce the news, the company has no relevant news.

turnover details: just in the recent work of the recent

yesterday, WAL-MART executives in the 1 shop in Shanghai headquarters held an internal communication conference. WAL-MART in the form of turnover English announced in just Liu mountains, founder of "to a certain stage will leave, we bless their occupation career more exciting".


earlier this year, just to leave a message was frequently heard, but in the 1 store insiders seems to leave just Liu mountains or some accident.

"they have been working normally after the end of the year, and soon came to work." Insiders say so.

insiders revealed to the Phoenix Science and technology, Liu is still in the mountains, just in foreign countries. Phoenix Technology tried to confirm the news of the resignation, but the phone has been turned off.

1 shop or into the WAL-MART online shop, Wang Lu Ren new CEO?

data show that in March 2008, founded the No. 1 store in just Ping and Liu Junling, 2010 to 80 million yuan price to win the 1st shop 80% stake to WAL-MART in 2012 to shop 1, increase investment, shareholding increased to about 51%, as the largest shareholder.

in April this year, WAL-MART Global CEO Dong Minglun (Doug Mcmillon) in China and media communication will be held in Beijing, although Dong Minglun at the meeting did not express too much Shop No. 1, but still is interpreted as the industry will take an important change in WAL-MART to shop No. 1 on the issue of strategic positioning. Up to now, WAL-MART in China, in addition to the Sam store online shopping mall, there is no official online mall. In the industry view, WAL-MART has not yet been set up online business, shop No. 1 or transformed into their online avatars.

In addition, there is news that the former president of CBSI China, vice president of the world will be the new King Road, No. 1, the new CEO shop

. For the news, shop No. 1 official declined to comment.