Ma Huateng PC the nternet into the platform product is king era is coming


Ma Huateng



technology news September 11th morning news, 2012 China Internet Conference held in Beijing, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng delivered a keynote speech at the meeting, he said that with the rapid development of mobile Internet, PC Internet into the platform, and use the future flow rate will be less than the mobile Internet, and the product is king of the times will come again.

Ma Huateng cited CNNIC data, to the end of June this year mobile phone Internet users will reach 388 million. He said, for example, QQ QQ online users and the amount of news has come from a large number of mobile phones, QQ space inside the picture upload 53% from the mobile terminal, launched last year, WeChat in March this year, more than 100 million registered users.

mobile Internet is the trend of the times, PC Internet access to the platform, the future will be much smaller than the flow and use of mobile internet." Ma Huateng believes that all industries upstream and downstream practitioners should embrace the change.

when talking about the mobile Internet product features, Ma Huateng said that in the past PC Internet search, entrance by client companies such as monopoly flow entrance, but the mobile Internet APP STORE industrial system allows even a team of 1 people overnight explosion of red.

"these products erupted in 3-7 days, the period is within 1 months, if you want to succeed must also be continuous innovation." Ma Huateng said.

Ma Huateng also believes that, in the mobile Internet era, the product is king of the times again, mobile Internet products in addition to mobile, social and local characteristics are also very obvious, he cited a mobile phone QQ and WeChat LBS, the number of calls every day which amounted to 700 million yuan.

at the same time, Ma Huateng also recommended by WeChat in the application of the two-dimensional code, he thinks it is online and offline key entrance, the Tencent hopes to continue to popularize the concept of two-dimensional code, or even can do "grave": on the tombstone to sweep the two-dimensional code, you can see the people’s life, photos or video images.

Ma Huateng stressed that Tencent will continue to deepen the platform open. (Cui Xi)