Grab grab, domestic mobile phone hunger marketing also play for how long

do not know if you noticed, now the smart mobile phone ring is a strange phenomenon: behind various manufacturers boast how well those cost-effective products, consumers who desperately panic buying exchange is left with nothing whatsoever this phenomenon is particularly common, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Tucao apart we should be calm calm thinking, why this industry phenomenon? Behind to grab and what dark secrets?


we used to buy a mobile phone

time back to 10 years ago, in the function of S60 and intelligent mobile phone mashups era, we rarely hear some mobile phone out to grab the phenomenon. At that time, Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity providers have not yet arisen, the store is the primary channel for users to choose to buy Electronic products. Some popular models such as NOKIA N70, Motorola V3, etc., can basically get the first time in the mobile phone store goods.

Once the mobile phone division of

channel is relatively detailed, divided into mobile phone agents, home appliance chain channel, mobile phone chain channel and local stores, including well-known vendors, including complex telecommunications Di Xintong, telling Telecom, Suning, Gome, Dazhong such appliances store. Because some hot models out of stock reasons, there are more or less the existence of a number of channels under the line sales phenomenon, but rarely encountered want to buy can not buy the phenomenon.

The development of

over the same period of the domestic mobile phone is not optimistic, with NOKIA, Motorola, Dopod (HTC), Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, SIEMENS mobile phone led international brand almost monopolized the market, NOKIA and Dopod with S60 and Windows Mobile became a series of so-called high-end market. Domestic mobile phone also rely on TCL, Xia Xin, bird, Konka brand to support this.

Five years after the

until the rise of iPhone intelligent mobile phone let industry was completely shuffle, along with China Unicom introduced the iPhone 3GS, Apple’s sales model in China has gradually formed by the official retail stores for sale. In fact, many people remember the true meaning of the "hunger marketing" refers to the purchase of the first apple, iPhone 4, 4S 1, 2 days ahead of the retail store to queue at the entrance of the scene until today is still visible before the eyes. Just let people feel sad is that this one filled with a large number of cattle, many consumers can not buy in the first time to the basic state line version of iPhone 4, the number of cattle or smuggled goods dealers, iPhone 4 and even rose from 5000 yuan to more than 10000 yuan.

later in order to put an end to want to buy can not buy, apple began to adopt a way of buying in the global online booking channels, consumers within a specified period of time to the success of panic buying products, they can go directly to the apple store delivery. At this time to fight speed, spell computer configuration, spell the time of the character, and eggs, and many users still can not grab.

"hunger marketing"