Group purchase website most desperately shrink threat facing shortages of food



most group purchase websites are facing the threat of "starvation". CFP for map

crazy expansion from two years ago to now desperately shrink scale

recently, suddenly closed group purchase website 24 vouchers to lead the industry shock, the reporter interviewed a number of group purchase website, business difficulties have their common experiences. In the face of the crisis of confidence in the background, buy the industry more and more losses, the industry average gross margin of only 6%. More importantly, the funds have been close to burn, this year only one website financing, the vast majority of the site faces the threat of "starvation" to become a pressing matter of the moment in front of profitable websites.

status: employee halved salary diving

last month, Zhao Lei joined the group after two years of industry finally determined to leave. He said that just joined the group buying industry, catch up with the expansion of the industry and investment hot, rising wages, six months, the monthly income from 5000 yuan rose to $10000. But by the end of last year, the market suddenly turns cold, the website of Zhao Lei’s substantial pay cuts and layoffs. He said that before the director position is 300 thousand yuan annual salary start, now less than 200 thousand.

and Zhao Lei where to buy the same site, the national industry has gone through two years ago to buy crazy expansion and now desperately shrink scale. Wo Wo Group vice president Zhao Wenqiang publicly said, now, too much pressure, when most people six thousand, now only three thousand. Full network (micro-blog) CEO Feng Xiaohai (micro-blog) said: "the peak company has 1500 employees, now only 800 people, layoffs is a common state of current electricity supplier."


team co-founder Hu Chen said, during the peak period of the more than 6 thousand group purchase website, now even three thousand not to. Zhao Lei said, now drained half site, naturally jump around and compete to lower wages, but also not a site can make money.

reason one:

funds burned and abandoned by capital markets

because the capital market freeze, group purchase website capital chain tension suddenly. Last year, a number of sites have announced the acquisition of tens of millions of dollars in financing, and now more than a year later, the amount of money should have been burned almost.

insiders calculations to reporters: a group purchase network has conducted two rounds of financing, the total financing amounted to 6000 Wan Meijin, about 380 million yuan last year, a loss of at least 2.7 billion last year, about 5% gross margin, gross profit amounted to 80 million, while the market cost is spent 1 hundred million plus. More than 3 thousand the cost of $2 hundred million, other expenses of $50 million, to go before the end of the year, the carrying amount of the funds should have 110 million. This year, the market is more rational, it is expected that sales will not grow too much. So now, in the market, personnel and other expenses are not reduced under the condition.