Former executives Li Mingshun founded the group purchase website Comsenz polymerization


poly Amoy network


technology news March 15th afternoon, by the former vice president Li Mingshun Comsenz (micro-blog) founder of the group purchase aggregator website poly Amoy network on-line today.

official website information, poly Amoy network is a vertical positioning of the city’s living consumption search site, designed to provide the most favorable local consumer choice and consumer guide. Convenient consumers do not have to log on to buy a thousand websites, you can easily pick and buy.

Li Mingshun in Comsenz market and community, is responsible for the marketing business. Prior to this, Li Mingshun had founded the operation of online advertising direct advertising business Internet ( website. At the same time, as a senior media, who served, including NetEase, twenty-first Century economic reports, CNet, China Youth Daily and other media.

in August 23rd last year, Tencent and Comsenz confirmed that the two sides have reached a purchase agreement, Comsenz will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Tencent. In fact, the news of the acquisition of Tencent early in May last year has been circulating in the market. So far, from the Tencent announced the acquisition of Comsenz only half a year. (