Taobao mall renamed Tmall’s impact

Taobao mall today held a strategic conference in Beijing, announced the replacement of Chinese brand Taobao mall as Tmall". Taobao mall President Zhang Yong said, was not prompted by a sudden impulse to change the name, and thought for a long time. He said the first saw this name also feel strange, but cried and cried on the familiar, "Tmall" is a homonym of Tmall.

What is Tmall

? The cat is sexy and tasteful, Tmall is the representative of the online shopping, fashion, sexy, fashion and quality; cat born picky, picky, picky picky brand environment, it accords with the definition of Tmall online shopping to build the quality of the city, this is Taobao mall own interpretation. But no matter how to explain, Tmall word is no deterrent, the most likely to imagine selling underwear. After shopping, do not use the "pro", should say: meow, what to buy?.. read more

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Domestic vertical B2B tourism search portal rankings

according to the relevant data show that in 2010 Chinese online tickets, hotel and package travel booking revenue grew 27% to 4 billion 750 million yuan, while in 2013 this figure will rise to 9 billion 10 million yuan. The trend of travel booking from the line to the network is increasingly evident. Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) recently released "the twenty-fifth Chinese Internet development report" shows that in 2009 the online travel booking users reached 30 million 240 thousand, an increase of 77.9% compared to 2008. read more

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The electricity supplier spoiler express industry where the customer’s wind up licence

after FedEx, UPS two foreign express to manage the domestic express business, the State Post Bureau last week of Beijing wind up delivery of 11 enterprises to apply for the express delivery business license audit conducted a publicity, the Beijing wind up delivery Co. Ltd for operating domestic express business. It is worth noting that, just experienced the strategic contraction of the wind up, express the publicity of the business area of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, and Wuhan had Changsha, FedEx and other foreign express delivery is also part of the city in the first allowed to carry out domestic express business. read more

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Shen Jie Jingdong mall part of the distribution of the peer said between each other pieces of suspec

said Jingdong reject part of its electricity supplier delivery order tact escalation (TechWeb pictures)

October 16th news, Jingdong mall confirmed that the application to the Jingdong mall merchants issued a notice, will stop its delivery to the mall Jingdong goods.

Jingdong mall, said Shen Tong is the specific reasons for the delivery of the distribution is being understood, and actively communicate with the company. "Because the Shentong suspended service is open platform Jingdong mall third party merchants transport from the warehouse to the Jingdong store distribution center, has nothing to do with the consumer oriented delivery service, so as not to experience for consumers shopping mall Jingdong have any impact." read more

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Brand enterprises by e-commerce third party service providers as catalyst

at the beginning of 2009, Japan UNIQLO casual clothing brand with 3 men opened a shop at the mall Taobao, to October of that year, based on the monthly sales exceeded 10 million yuan, becoming the first to enter the Taobao mall sales of 10 million yuan level clothing store. This result allows Shanghai Tesier universe Business Consulting Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tesier") vice president and chief operating officer Wang Xiaohua surprised.

Tesier is UNIQLO’s customer service outsourcing service provider, Taobao mall Taobao took UNIQLO Wangwang, call center, e-mail, customer relationship management and other functions, there are currently more than and 50 person team of UNIQLO service. It’s a big success, the firm Tesier inroads into the electronic commerce service commitment, before this company has never been involved in this field. read more

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South Korea underwear Good People with Han clothes homes two times to enter China

news June 29th, the day before, South Korea fashion brand Good People and starry signed a strategic cooperation memorandum book, the two sides will start from the brand cooperation mode of operation, and gradually explore the establishment of a joint venture brand specific issues.

Good People on behalf of Yin Youhuan (left) and Han Yi homes co-founder Du Tingguo (right)

billion state power network to understand, as early as ten years ago, Good People’s fashion brand YES "will try to enter the China, but because the bold, that didn’t fit the conservative underwear market, eventually frustrated. read more

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The first experience of e-commerce

as the industry cluster, enterprise procurement website first station, now has occasion Tongbao has more than 14 thousand industries, more than and 70 million member companies. In 2010, when the Tongbao strategy in the industry segments of the market has been very obvious, and spared the article around the industry. In 2011, when man is also doing my part, the industry segments of e-commerce as a priority among priorities.

recently, NetEase, Sohu, China Electronic Commerce Research Center, and other major media have reported that the bridge for aspiring to make achievements in the industry segments to build the traditional elite mettle, the long-awaited occasion Tongbao valve network on April 1st on the line, a franchise industry website first station. read more

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The domain name has been registered in the Xiamen gaming giant

Xiamen, a network company registered by a global network game giant domain name, was the other to court, Xiamen City Intermediate People’s Court of first instance found the company yesterday cybersquatting, ordered to immediately cancel the domain name, and compensation for each 3000 yuan.

Shanghai Shanda network science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as Shanda) is currently the world’s largest online game companies, around June this year found a network in Xiamen science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as a network company) will be "grand" Chinese Pinyin Shengda registered CN domain name, then to the Xiamen City Intermediate People’s court proceedings. read more

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Survey shows inappropriate domain name strategy hinder the development of enterprises

A survey of

foreign media reports, about 82% of the companies surveyed believe that the domain name lost than losing the CEO caused more damage, about 72% of the companies believe that an appropriate domain name is more important than the right talent or right office. Sedo, which is responsible for implementing the survey, points out that an inappropriate domain name strategy would prevent the development of a company.

"this is not an exaggeration to say," the senior Internet legal scholar Zhang Fan said on as an example, they nearly 9 million day online traffic, nearly 18 billion 800 million of sales each quarter, if a domain name is really lost, such as overdue renewals and be registered first, it will bring direct and indirect losses huge to Taobao, then even if Ma Ma, may not be able to restore the decline. read more

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