Entrio.hr provided the event organizers with a free registration for the records of all participants

first_imgAs synergy, solidarity and mutual help of everyone in the industry are needed now, the alpha and omega in the region for buying online tickets for all events, Entrio.hr, recognized the moment and enabled everyone to use their system for free to facilitate the mandatory registration process. . “Paper records would logistically complicate the lives of the organizers and slow down the entry, but you can solve this much faster and for free through Entria”Points out Berislav Marszalek, founder and director of Entrio.hr. MUP DECISION / Civil Protection HZJZ RECOMMENDATION While this may sound complicated to some, it is not. Once you open the event via Entrio.hr (it really takes less than 5 minutes), the rest is extremely simple. As we know, the General Staff and the Croatian Institute of Public Health have published new decisions and measures for public gatherings, in which all gatherings with more than 100 participants must report to the civil protection service and keep records of all participants. Bravo to Entrio.hr, which with this move proved to be a leader in its segment and how much it cares about the entire event and congress of the industry. “With his signature, the gathering participant confirms that he measured his body temperature and did not exceed 37,2oC, that he feels well and that he has no family members in self-isolation, that he has not stayed abroad within the previous 14 days, or that he has a negative PCR test. older than 48 hours, that he has not had contact with a person infected with the SARS-CoV-14 virus in the past 2 days, and that he has none of the following symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose or loss of smell. ” – HZJZ recommendations attached. The new measures caused major technical and logistical problems for all organizers of various events planned during the period under special measures. You can see that the whole thing is simple on the example of such an event, which you can copy for your own needs HERE After that, it’s all over. The organizer only has to communicate the Entrio link of the event that all visitors must register, and when entering through the free Android application “Entrio scan” you scan the free ticket of the visitor (which is actually a confirmation of registration) and just ask for his signature. The whole procedure is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. Through LINK-and a free event is created on Entrio.hr, as well as one free ticket on which the price of 0 kuna is set, and it is chosen that the category is personalized so that the name and surname of each visitor can be collected. Also, additional fields and statements are additionally created in which the data prescribed by the headquarters are filled in. Entrio registration for a free event to register all participants “This is a far faster and simpler procedure than having each visitor fill in this information on paper at the entrance, which would create unbearable crowds. The whole process is free and you can create everything yourself, and if you need additional support or assistance from us, we can do it for you as agreed.”Concludes Marszalek. Side dish:last_img read more

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