The city district level leading cadres Wulian five package to serve the people

In order to give full play to the leading cadres at county level in the course of education activities in the demonstration effect, efforts to solve the vital interests of the masses are strongly, Chengzhong District in the course of education activities, focus on the masses hope, sorrow, hard, ANN, creatively proposes county Party members and leading cadres "Wulian five" activities that is, a county Party cadres linked to a party, a legislator, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, a retired veteran cadres, a grassroots, a street, a club, a village, a school, a non-public economic organizations or social organizations. This is the starting point, the county leading cadres in-depth workshop line, the fields around the house, the real and the masses twinning, friends, relatives, listen to the voice of the people, feel the sufferings of the people, sincere people grief, close ties between the party and the masses, a strong impetus to the City District Party’s mass line educational practice carry out. read more

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