Who needs skis when you can shred snow in an Aston Martin?

first_imgI weathered seven long, bothersome winters in Boston. Frigid and scowling, I’d labor on foot through wads of snow from one destination to another. Winter meant my sun-loving Mazda Miata would hide in a garage for months while my stout Jeep Wrangler would trudge anywhere my feet couldn’t take me.Icy, treacherous roads were the enemy of fun and efficiency. Less traction, the expense of winter tires, and timid traffic soiled each driving experience. As much as I adored the pace of life and driven nature of the east coast, California’s all-season driving serenity beckoned. And, with the exception of the Golden state’s draught conditions, I hadn’t missed winter’s frozen favors.That was until Aston Martin invited me to its ice driving program in Crested Butte, Colorado. Three days and hours of snow-shredding laps later, I succumbed to a new addiction…miles from my permanently 75-degree homeland.A Clean SlateI know you did the math the moment you saw “ice” and “Aston Martin” in the same sentence: rear-wheel drive, front-engined, carbon fiber-clad sports cars don’t belong in the snow. They can’t possible brake well enough, change directly quickly, or put the power down. Escape the City and the Roads with the 2020 Subaru Outback Editors’ Recommendations A Breakdown of All the Major Types of Car Racing What It’s Like to Drive a NASCAR Race Car (and Where You Can Get Behind the Wheel) last_img read more

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