France Football Argues Strong Potential for Renard to Succeed with Morocco

By Mohamed LakdaliRabat – According to French magazine France Football, a biweekly that specializes in football news, the reason behind the dismissal of the Moroccan national team’s head coach Badou Zaki is not only due to “insufficient results” but also stems from his players’ disapproval of his coaching methods and management style.The same source argues that the team’s new coach, French national Hervé Renard has three qualities that will help the national team qualify for the next World Cup finals in 2018: experience in Africa, strong leadership skills and a keen eye for talent. The article’s author, Nabil Djellit, explains that Renard’s previous experience with African national football teams made him a “legend” on the continent. The coach succeeded in winning the African Nations Cup twice with two different African countries: in 2012 with Zambia and in 2015 with Côte d’Ivoire.Renard’s achievement is unprecedented and gives hope to Morocco’s fans that he will deliver the same level of success in his new position, where he has access to Moroccan football stars who play for famous European clubs.The French coach also has his own special charisma and strong leadership style that fans hope will help the national team regain its confidence. The same source adds that Renard’s strength lies in his ability to mentally prepare players for their games, boosting concentration when they play. In his position as head coach, Renard will have the support of assistant coaches Patrice Baumel and Mustapha Hadji.Djellit points out that Renard has a special ability for discovering local talent and giving local players the opportunity to join the national team. He showcased this skill best with the Zambian team, which he built up with 80 percent of its players scouted from local leagues.By Kelsey Fish read more

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