The inevitable stages of Trivial Pursuit rage

first_img1. “This is a great idea!”You’ve had your second turkey dinner in as many days, there was enough Vienetta left for everyone to have a bit, and now you’re going to sit down to a nice family game of Trivial Pursuit in front of the fire.Lovely. Source: Claus Rebler/Flickr2. “But I WANTED to be Blue!”You’ve now been with your family for 48 hours. Being the ‘blue one’ is your last gasp attempt at some kind of autonomy.Instead, your sister got to be blue. The injustice! Source: Jon/Flickr3. “GERMANY AND WEST GERMANY ARE BOTH ACCEPTABLE ANSWERS!”Before long, the quibbling begins. Hours and hours of quibbling. Source: Imgur4. “How the F**K am I supposed to know that?”Rage at the massive gaps in your knowledge starts to spill over. Source: Imgur5. “They’re called CHEESES you dope!”A squabble breaks out over what the triangular pieces are called. 6. “I’M NOT CRYING”You are crying. You are. Just go with it. Source: Jacobsms/Flickr/ via DailyEdge.ie7. “How are you supposed to get the the f**king centre? HOW?”The frustration at never, ever being able to throw the number you need on the dice begins to wear you down. Source: Flickr/mstearne8. “I’m not playing anymore”Inevitable. Source: Imgur11 signs you’ve already spent too much time with your family>7 Irish people who lost the ‘Bridesmaids v The Dark Knight’ battle last night>last_img read more

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