A powerful integrated 3D environment for resource modelling mine planning and production

first_imgGeotechnical utilities include tadpole and stickplot display options Store and manipulate more information in design data Share 3D data in documents and web using VRML and Ngrain formats Improved survey station management Create 3D period regions automatically Redesigned interface for generating bench & batter projections Upgraded functionality Maptek says “Vulcan is the ultimate toolkit for mining engineers, geologists and surveyors who need a powerful, integrated 3D environment for resource modelling, mine planning and production. The latest release, Vulcan 8.1, delivers performance improvements along with two new modules – Stope Optimiser and Short Term Planner. New modules include:Short Term Planner Better support for AutoCAD files with large amounts of design data. Improved performance Stope Optimiser Analyse open pit scheduling scenarios All variables in block models can be used for cutoffs Click on 3D data to link to external applications Determine fuel consumption when evaluating different haulage routes Streamlined displaycenter_img Assess multiple scenarios to target mineable zones Underground ramp unfolding for easier grade analysis and plotting Easier digitising with hot key tracking Reporting and statistics integrated with other Vulcan tools. Use for open pit or horizontal underground designs Multi-threading reduces time required to run optimisations by up to 99% Optimised run length compositing results in better resource determination Apply to very steep orebodies or horizontal benches Generate triangulations for design, reserves and scheduling Extract required information directly from block models Analyse and compare stopes  New grade control display toolbar for faster, easier viewing Integration with third party programs Draw legends in multiple planes Access acQuire managed databases fasterlast_img read more

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