Nothing “unusual” found in inspected EBD Chinese restaurant

first_imgFollowing complaints that insect legs had been discovered in Chinese food purchased at a popular restaurant located at Providence, East Bank Demerara, the Government Analyst Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD) has completed its investigations which found that nothing unusual was found.A senior source at the Department in a recent interview with Guyana Times said that food samples were taken from the restaurant to the laboratory, which confirmed that the food was safe.According to the officer, “When we take food samples or so to the lab it does not necessarily produce those types of results [discovery of insect legs], it’s mostly for bacterial and chemical analysis. In relation to that, everything was okay but they had some [concerns] in terms of the conditions of the place and so”.When questioned further about the restaurant’s environs, the senior source explained that “The environment is in a reasonably good sanitary condition but when it comes to insects and so they come looking for food”.In this regard, he noted that the customer’s complaint could have been legit whereas insects may not live in the building but come there to look for food. In such an instance, the insect may end up in a customer’s box while hunting for a meal for himself.“In such a situation even though you went and investigate, unless the person who has complained actually brought the evidence in terms of the insect parts or so, it’s kind of a difficult situation to trace because even if you go on the said day and inspect and you may not observe anything that day,” he posited.The restaurant was exposed by an angry customer back in May, who vented his frustration on social media following several discoveries of what appeared to be cockroach legs in his food.The customer explained to Guyana Times in an exclusive interview that he purchased food once and took it home to his wife, who was sharing the meal among family members when they discovered the legs that resembled those of a cockroach’s.Following this incident, he detailed that his friend made a purchase only recently at the said restaurant and he found something similar in his food.The angry man also told this publication that he previously visited the restaurant several times and he observed that the chefs were operating in what appeared to be floodwaters, as the kitchen is lower than the rest of the building.The man had called for a thorough investigation into the restaurant’s activities.last_img read more

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