Heating adjustments being made on campus

Fall marks the time of year when the leaves change colour, the weather cools and Brock’s Facilities Management staff prepare the main campus for its switch to heating.Due to the type of heating and cooling systems that are used by the University, many main campus buildings are not capable of heating and cooling during the same cycle.As Brock experiences the typical fall season daily cycles of low nighttime temperatures and higher daytime temperatures, some areas on the main campus may experience fluctuating temperatures during regular office hours.Facilities Management staff will continue to make the campus as comfortable as possible by bringing in fresh, warm air into the areas until full daytime heating is required.If heating and cooling issues are experienced, refrain from attempting to moderate the temperatures by making major adjustments to the thermostats, as this may have a detrimental effect.If an area is experiencing extreme or ongoing temperature issues, notify Facilities Management at x3717 or email [email protected] so that situation may be investigated. read more

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