The venture financing fraud investigation follow-up liar more than 80%

[Abstract] with the science and technology of Tencent venture capital financing fraud survey released a paper, entrepreneurs financing fraud topic continued fermentation.

technology is one of Tencent Hin reported in September 2nd

exaggerated false financing amount of venture capital circles is becoming the unspoken rule, despite the media and investors are sound, but this phenomenon has become worse in neither painful nor itching criticism. With yesterday’s Tencent technology venture financing fraud survey: 80% of entrepreneurs are lying, a text baked, entrepreneurs financing fraud topic continued fermentation. read more

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Mobell, ofo shared bicycle how entrepreneurial opportunities in the capital of winter

remember the community electricity supplier, the last mile of the story from the white hot competition to who can live to the end, which is hidden in the middle of too much frustration. From August to mid October this year, v-mobile and ofo have announced their completion of the four round of financing, before this, ofo is just a small yellow car, the campus for students the v-mobile bike not into Beijing, and now travel the last mile into entrepreneurs, won the favor of investors perspective.

capital has been a cold winter, sharing bikes and what kind of entrepreneurial opportunities? read more

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Around the WeChat ecosystem, the third party in 2015, the three major opportunities

WeChat third party, has been an important part of the WeChat ecosystem, in the construction of WeChat wisdom life has played a huge role. Although the outside world has a lot of questions about the third party WeChat, I believe that in the back of the electricity supplier, deep, wide, high landing on the implementation, WeChat is not only inseparable from the third party, but also rely on the third party.

"NPC and CPPCC" period, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the "Internet plus" action plan in the government work report, the National People’s Congress, Tencent holdings chairman and CEO Ma Huateng also proposed the development of "Internet plus" comprehensive development of national strategies, to promote the "mobile Internet + livelihood applications" transformation of various industries. Undoubtedly, WeChat will be in the "Internet plus" plays an important role. read more

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